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Ford Focus have roof rack fix points

Whilst looking for a set of rook racks for my 2005 Ford Focus, I discovered that there are 2 types of roof racks available, those for mounting to a set of "fixpoints" and those that can be mounted without the Fix points. The roof bars that don't require the fix points clamp onto the roof and into the door opening and due to the limited clearance available between the door and it's frame, the clamp seems to be painted metal with no protection for the paintwork. I'm not overly happy with the idea of clamping painted metal against painted metal, especially when it's going to be subjected forces and vibrations that you could expect when driving the car, this is therefore an option I'd rather avoid. Those with fix points have a bolts that are attached to 4 tapped holes in the roof on the car. In the case of the Focus there are 4 plastic panels that can be removed from the top of the car to access the fix points, only at first glance you may well come to the conclusion that your car isn't fitted with them. This is the conclusion I almost came to, but luckily I found I was wrong.

Northants LUG Poster

After some interest in the old Lancaster LUG poster that I uploaded a few days ago, I decided to modify it for my current Linux User Group - the Northants Linux User Group.

Lancaster LUG Poser

A few years ago now, I created a poster for the Lancaster Linux User Group. At the time I was at university and I was able to get permission to wack a load of these up around the campus.

ArchPHP: A PHP based dynamic website for archery clubs

A few years ago I was fairly envolved with a university archery club. The exec of the club at the time thought it would be a cool idea to have a community website, to allow the members to keep up-to-date with club news, get club information. The site also provides members a place to keep track of the equipment they use and could keep track of their scores. This also enables the exec to see how the members are progressing, allowing them to easily see who may need more help and who is doing well (for example when needing to pick a team for inter-university shoots).

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